Porter Robinson – Get Your Wish

Porter Robinson's first single off of his upcoming album is just as beautiful as we were hoping. 'Get Your Wish' is a powerful song about moving forward and rediscovering yourself.

i have to write the meaning of my life or else everything’s in vain

It’s been almost six years since we last heard a new Porter Robinson song. But the end result has been worth the wait. His newest song, ‘Get Your Wish’ is a beautiful song with a powerful meaning. It’s the first single from his upcoming sophomore album Nurture.

His musical journey has been one that seems to continuously go through a difficult cycle of creation, depression, realization, and recreation. This ongoing redefinition of what music means to him, and how to rediscover his joy in making it is how we went from Spitfire to Language to Worlds and now to ‘Get Your Wish’.

This newest iteration of Porter is just as stunning as Worlds ever was. There are definite flavors throughout that feel familiar. The effect on the vocals, the little blips and bleeps and the overall feeling of the song. It is at once gentle and strong. Powerful. And the lyrics are both melancholy and uplifting.

The vocals are quite interesting, they almost feel like a revisiting of AVANNA, but Porter posted on twitter that is actually him singing. He used effects to make his voice much higher. He said he initially did it to make singing about difficult subjects easier, but he “grew really attached to the sound of that voice”. It’s pretty safe to assume that this “voice” will be making many appearances throughout Nurture.

Knowing that this is actually Porter singing makes the song feel even more personal. It’s a song about that process of rediscovery. The need to keep going even when everything just feels wrong.

Before the song was released, Porter posted a very personal note about the song. He went into detail about how hard he was struggling for the past few years. How he, once again, lost sight of what music was supposed to mean. ‘Get Your Wish’ was his breakthrough where making music began to have meaning again.

Porter’s journey has certainly not been an easy one, but the hardships that he’s gone through with mental health and his own struggles have always led to beautiful creations, and this new song is no different.

but don’t you waste the suffering you’ve faced it will serve you in due time

Listen to ‘Get Your Wish’ below and also read what Porter had to say about the song. It’s very insightful and makes the song feel even more important than it already did.

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