Lisa Danaë – Type Erase

Lisa Danaë has released the perfect song for the feeling of not knowing what to say in a text. 'Type Erase' is all of our anxieties put to song. And it's beautiful.

We’ve all been there: the anxiety-inducing situation of finding someone alluring. Someone that you think might be the one, or at least a one. The agony of what to say to text after the fact, or if you even should at all. Singer/Songwriter Lisa Danaë has perfectly captured these feelings in her new song ‘Type Erase’.

On the surface, it’s a track about just that: fretting over what to write. Typing it out, only to erase it and on and on until you accidentally hit send, and your life is over. But the song is so much more than that.

It’s a song about relationships in general, both romantic and otherwise. And the constant struggle with choosing words carefully. The inner back and forth that you have with yourself, as you think about the perfect thing to say to someone. And sometimes you “hit send” by blurting out the first thing that comes to mind (it’s okay, it happens). This song is what we’re all feeling, and it’s so beautifully done.

It has an edge to it. Lisa’s vocals are positively sexy which is a perfect contrast to the anxious lyrics. Which feels like such a power play. Appearing calm and collected when everything is crumbling inside.

This is a song that belongs on the radio. It’s a windows down, flying down the freeway with your best friends sort of song. And hopefully, soon we’ll find it there. Until then, you can stream it down below.

ps: if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of sending a text message that you don’t mean to, quickly put your phone in airplane mode. You might be able to stop it from sending 😉

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