Heart For Hire – Pipe Dream

Heart for Hire are back with a vengeance. Their newest single 'Pipe Dream' is the most beautiful lie we've ever heard. A powerful, angry, punch in the gut. It's a masterpiece, for sure.

Heart For Hire are back with a vengeance. And they certainly have outdone themselves. Their new single ‘Pipe Dream’ is an angry, vengeful lie that we all tell ourselves. And it is the most beautiful lie we’ve ever heard.

Singer Julie Wanner’s voice is in top form with this song. We can feel everything that she’s feeling. Though her words are dripping with venom, she’s in complete control, and never once does it become a cliche or overbearing.

This assertion that we’re fine. It’s okay not being the one chosen. These things we tell ourselves to keep going. To try to dull the pain. Like their previous single, ‘Limits’, this song also calls to mind an indie film. This feels like the sequel. In ‘Limits’ we are cautioned to Stop believing what you’re told. And here we are, in ‘Pipe Dream’ lying through our teeth to say we’re fine.

The chorus in this song is magnificent. The verses are delicate, treading around the subject, as if we’re unsure of what we’re saying. But the chorus explodes out with such certainty, that you almost believe her. Almost.

But once again, Heart For Hire prove that they know how to make a song. From Julie’s vocals to the instruments working in sync with her. Though in the song, they might be “fine with going nowhere” Heart For Hire doesn’t have to worry about that. They are most certainly going somewhere, and they’re going fast.

Stream ‘Pipe Dream’ below.

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