Not Just Anyone – New New Girlfriend

When it comes to music, there can often be a fine line between comical and deep. Too far over either side and the song can not work. Not Just Anyone by Los Angeles duo New New Girlfriend has found the perfect balance of that line.

The song opens up with Griffin Burns as our narrator. He is realizing that a potential lover isn’t right because she “looks too much like mom”. It’s a line that makes you double-take. “Did he just say that?” You almost begin to write the song off as a joke. But then you keep listening.

The tonal shift of the second verse becomes existential with the second half of NNG – Kylen Davenport. There is an acknowledgment that it takes a long time to find the right person, but then the big question–What if we’re running out of time? For what? At this point, you can’t stop listening. And you don’t want to.

It edges back into comedic territory with a mention of duck lips and selfies. He “can’t do basic”. More criteria for this nebulous idea of the perfect girl. But it shifts once more. Maybe I oughta lighten up. That isn’t right either. Our narrator’s heart is weary, but he’s committed to holding out for not just anyone.

The back and forth between the two singers and the two shifts in tone feel like our external narrator and his inner thoughts. It’s a beautiful blend and they pull it off seamlessly. It’s the sort of story that is widely relatable, but so deeply personal.

On top of all of this, it simply sounds amazing. Very catchy. A definitely welcome ear-worm. Take a listen down below and commiserate with New New Girlfriend as you too search for your perfect lover, and maybe just find your new (new) favorite band. I know I have.

If you love New New Girlfriend like I do, consider checking out their Patreon to help them keep making new songs like this one. (I was not asked to include this, or compensated for doing so. I just really love their work and want them to succeed!)

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