Carah Wes – Crush

Carah Wes has perfectly captured the feeling of being in love with her new song 'Crush'. Hard-hitting, yet sugary sweet, it's a beautiful track.

It’s that time of year again, where we’re open and honest with our proclamations of love. Sometimes they work out…and sometimes they don’t. But a new song by alluring songstress, Carah Wes, is here to remind us that love is always there. ‘Crush’ is a sweet and honest exploration of an innocent attraction. An innocent love. You gave me your name, I’ve cherished it since. It’s a relatable experience.

Originally from Seattle, but now living in LA, Wes reflects that location change in her music. The emotions are raw, like a Seattle storm, but her vocals and the guitar bring the sunshine. It’s a beautiful blend of music that isn’t seen that often.

‘Crush’ is hard-hitting with its innocence and honesty, but also sugary sweet at the same time. We’re all rooting for the narrator because we’ve all been there. We all want her to succeed and see her crush be reciprocated.

This is one song worth repeated listenings, especially when you’re sitting in your room, alone. Wes has done a wonderful job, and we’re excited to see what she releases next.

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