DEE MASH 〽️ – City of Dreams [Feat. Lyon Heart]

Chicago DJ and Producer DEE MASH〽 has released a stunning and vivid new song, 'City of Dreams'. This song calls into question the notion of endgame, and makes us consider just where does the dream end?

‘City of Dreams’ by DEE MASH〽️ is one of those songs that is so beautiful and powerful that it evokes extremely vivid images. A song that seems to come with its own internal music video. Whether it’s from the lyrics, the music itself or just the vibe, there’s some combination that causes the auditory to be visual

This entire song borders on the mystical and magical, which helps to build the images in the mind. Everything is further brought to life with the haunting vocals from  Lyon Heart. So what is it that ‘City of Dreams’ creates?

Well, the “video quality” is grainy, like an Indie film. We’re following around a girl through the streets of this dark, but brightly lit town. Our City of Dreams. As the song moves through, we are also moving through time and space. But we’re always following this girl and we always get the sense that we’re in this City.

Sand beneath your feet…We’re running along the beach, chasing after this girl. She stops, arms spread out towards the sky. She turns and smiles, but we feel unease. That’s the undercurrent of this song, after all. Are we in the right place? If we stayed in this life, would we be happy?

It’s cleverly written and laid out. Especially the concept of the City of Dreams. People hear that and they assume, of course it’s the right place. But DEE MASH〽️ is calling for us to challenge that thought.

If I stuck around…

If I settled down…

Whether the dream is real or not, one thing is for certain, DEE MASH〽️ has made one beautiful song. Listen to it down below.

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