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Tourist @ Neumos

William Phillips, also known as Tourist, traveled across the US for a series of intimate shows. This was in support of his newest album Everyday. His music and live shows are a treat to experience.

Tourist @ Neumos

William Phillips, better known as Tourist, has been traveling the world on an intimate tour. This tour is in support of his second studio album Everyday. He traveled across the US, will move onto Australia and finally end up back at home in the UK.

For the US leg of the tour, he was joined by Gilligan Moss. They’re a duo from Chicago who have the most incredible energy on stage. Evan and Ben have been friends since pre-school and it really shows with the way they make their music. It’s in a very similar vein to Tourist’s sound, which makes sense. Their trance-y, melodic music is beautiful and hypnotic. And seeing the way the two of them control two halves of the same table is quite fun. The two of them will definitely continue going places, and it was a joy getting to watch them perform.

After Gilligan Moss got the crowd suitably warmed up, it was time for the man of the hour to perform. He was set quite back from the crowd. Sort of hidden in the dark, illuminated by the scarce lighting and the glow of his LaunchPad. It felt like we were being let in on a secret performance, as we watched him back there.

The few times he addressed the crowd, he was incredibly humble. He remarked that it was crazy that he was playing at this venue—Neumos in Seattle—because it was larger than his Headlining shows back home.

And the audience was just as receptive to him. Though Neumos isn’t that big, there were people packed into every inch. And for as trance as his songs are, they went hard. It was actually funny to see. A mosh pit never formed, but it felt like it was getting close. Everyone was so into the music, he had the entire room completely entranced.

One of the highlight moments, at least for me, was when he played his remix of Wolf Alice’s ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’. I was hypnotized by his music that it took me a second of singing along to the song before I realized that I knew it, and another second before I knew what it was. It really illustrated the hold his music had over me. Then the nod to one of my favorite bands just made the whole night feel even more special.

After he walked off stage, the entire room filled with cheers as everyone begged for more. He returned to the stage and played out his encore. None of us wanted the night to end.

Tourist has the amazing ability to capture an audience and keep hold of them. His demeanor and his music just absolutely draw you in. Recently, he tweeted “Wouldn’t it be great if I could write a tune that didn’t just build for 2 minutes.” But that build is the entire point. That’s what keeps us hooked. We’re building right up with it.

This was one of those shows that felt like a privilege to get to experience. If you get the chance to see him play, definitely do so. It’s more than worth it.

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