No Thanks – So Hot

Welcome to the world of No Thanks. A deeply complex and layered project that has left us wanting more. Their first single 'So Hot' is out now.

no thanks

Welcome to the world of No Thanks. This is an entirely new project. So new, in fact, that we don’t really know much about it. We think we know is that it is comprised of two producers. But all that we know for certain is that they recently released a fire (pun completely intended) first single called ‘So Hot’.

‘So Hot’ feels like an anthem to ignoring regrets. My friends ain’t with me I’m about to say goodbye…But at the same time, the narrator literally says Blah blah blah which seems to indicate they don’t really care that they’re alone.

There’s a lot of layers to No Thanks. this song, its album art, this project in general…all of it. There are ambient noises in the background of the song. It sounds like the buzzing of an insect, which fits like feeling that the album art depicts. The narrator has seemingly been abandoned by his friends. It feels like he’s just wandering down a deserted road. As the song builds, the beat feels like the thudding of a heart, until it finally steadies out at the end.

Then there’s the symbolism in the album art, which often feels really underrated when it comes to thinking about songs and especially with projects like this. But there’s the devil on the sign and the halved 3.33s for prices. It is curious what the significance of the “reg” “la” “slf” “seie” could be (Obviously “Die” is die) perhaps there’s no significance, but that seems unlikely. Everything about No Thanks is very deliberate.

There’s more coming from them, that’s a fact. We’ll just have to keep riding this wave until it happens. Hopefully, it’s soon, because right now the only true “no thanks” we’re feeling is having to wait.

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