Teach Me Human – Tell Me That You Love Me

Every song has a story. Teach Me Human’s newest single ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’ is no different. It was first conceptualized overseas while singer/songwriter Brian Cotter was on deployment in the air force. We don’t often think about what goes on in the minds of our American Heroes, but it likely sounds a lot like this song. A yearning for home, for comfort for…something. ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’ is an anthem for homesickness.

But, while it is emotionally charged and full of desperation, it’s not melancholy or overdone. It’s honestly quite understated. It actually sounds quite upbeat with these “Ooo ooo ooo”s that are threaded through. The drums, too, sound almost happy. Hopeful.

It’s the lyrics and Cotter’s very honest singing that betray the very real and raw emotions behind the song. Cotter has a world-view that few other musicians get to have and it really shines through with this song. I’m picking sand out of my eyes/While you all eat your apple pies. That’s the kind of real life that most artists could only hope for.

This song is a song that so many people can relate to. And with a song like this, they really are teaching us to be human.

Listen to the song below.

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