Host Bodies – Diamondfruit

Go on a mystical and life-changing journey with the new EP "Diamondfruit" by electronic duo, Host Bodies.


Sometimes it’s hard for music that has no lyrics to tell a story. (Sometimes it’s hard enough for songs with lyrics to tell a story) But there’s a special kind of nuance and magic in this wordless music. The electronic duo Host Bodies seem to have mastered this skill. It’s especially evident with their latest EP “Diamondfruit”.

This seven song EP feels like an epic saga. A journey that we are lucky enough to get to join them on.

We start out with ‘Stories’, a fitting name for a beginning. But this song takes no time at all in getting going. They use a lot of really fun and unique sounds that you really don’t hear very often. It’s not just synth, beat, piano. We’ve got synths and synthetic sounds, specifically this shaker-sound, that feels like we’re back in Elementary School music class. Then, as the song gets going, we’re introduced to this lonely guitar. That’s our protagonist. The hero. It’s a wandering song. And as we journey, we pick up another guitar that almost mirrors, but is just a step off. They’re traveling together.

‘Wildcat Beach’ begins with the wind moving through the trees. Then the rain falling musically with each note that we’re given. It’s thought-provoking. Much more toned down than the first. Our protagonist feels comfortable. Like they’ve already found a place they love in this journey. Plus, everything feels slower in the rain. The song picks up halfway through and it’s stellar. There are so many feelings, but there’s our trusty guitar, still there. It feels dreamier in this song. Like being in love.

Our protagonist has a lot to say in ‘One Under Won Over’. There’s no hiding the feelings in this one. Our heart is racing. Can’t you hear it? It’s so playful. It feels like being a kid again and running down a hill with your best friend. This is a summertime song. The guitar is always there, keeping us grounded as we continue on in this journey.

The mood completely shifts in ‘Accept’. We’ve slowed down. We’re alone again. But there are so many hints of magic throughout. This song feels like we’re alone in our thoughts in a big city. The breakthroughs of chimes and that ding are how it feels to momentarily come back to reality after being lost in thought. But then you dive right back in. It takes nearly three minutes for the guitar to appear again, but there it is. Our ever-hopeful protagonist back again. Continuing the journey.

In contrast to an earlier mood, ‘Orange Marble’ feels like fire. The flickering noises in the beginning, the snapping of sticks for kindling. That warm, warm guitar peeking through. But it’s not the passion that we usually feel with fire. It’s cautious, as it builds up. And it never truly gets too out of control before it ends right back where it started. Flickering. Crackling.

We’re almost through our journey. ‘A Humble Student’ has a very strong beat threaded through it. Confidence. This song feels like a celebration. Perhaps joy that we’ve come so far, but we still have far to go.

And we finally reach the ‘Outro’. A hesitant step towards the finish line. Every note is carefully chosen. The story doesn’t want itself to end. Gone are the drums, the guitar. There’s a lot of open space, which is the part of all.

This EP is indescribably beautiful. Close your eyes while you’re listening and you can see so much, you can feel so much. Diamondfruit is a masterpiece.

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