Leah Raquel – LA

Leah Raquel, a singer, and songwriter from New York, recently released her first single ‘LA’. This is a song that feels very East Coast. It’s got this dark rain-cloud feeling. The sort of old money elegance that you would find in The Great Gatsby. Which contrasts very nicely with the themes of the song. A longing for the life of LA. The love of the sunny city.

Maybe I’m just wasting time dreaming of Hollywood… It’s a song of longing that borderlines on obsession. At first glance, it seems like she’s singing to a lost love. But she’s not. This is a love song to Los Angeles. But it’s also a realization that it’s so far from home, from her heart, and that maybe it truly isn’t for her.

Her voice is beautiful and full. It’s got a deep sound that rings strongly from one coast to the other. Leah’s self-described “Dark Pop” sound is extremely accurate when listening to this song. It still very much has the feelings and upbeat characteristics of a pop song, but it’s sultry. It feels very much like New York.

Leah is the most exciting kind of artist. The one who is clearly and undoubtedly talented. But at this point, she’s virtually a blank slate. Who knows what wonders she’ll give us from here. Whether it be New York or LA, this world is hers for the taking.

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