Heart for Hire – Limits

Heart for Hire has just released a dark and sultry new single 'Limits'. It's a beautifully crafted anthem about being pushed too far and taking a second to refocus yourself.

It’s not often that we describe a song as “sexy”. But that’s exactly how Heart for Hire’s newest single ‘Limits’ feels. The dark and sultry vocals from singer Julie Wanner are so powerful they take our breath away. It’s…sexy. From the very first word, we’re completely drawn in and put under her spell. It’s phenomenal.

This song feels like the climax of an Indie film. The moment when the main character really comes into their own. And as the song progresses, we just get more drawn into this story. Everything is so relatable. We’ve all felt what she’s singing. We’ve been this protagonist, and we’re rooting for her.

In the beginning, when it’s just the vocals, it feels like Julie is in the dark, a single spotlight illuminating her. When the guitars start during the chorus, another light appears. And then as the drums and bass are added in, it’s revealed that we aren’t alone in this. It all works together so beautifully.

Heart for Hire are definitely a band that knows what they’re doing. This song is masterful on so many levels, and it certainly makes us feel a kind of way.

Listen to ‘Limits’ below.

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