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Zedd Announces New World Tour

Zedd has announced a massive world tour starting this September. The "Orbit Tour" is going to be one for the record books.

A few days ago, Zedd teased that something big was coming. That something was a brand new World Tour. Dubbed “The Orbit Tour” this show is what we’ve all been waiting for. Spanning from Seattle to Minneapolis, then from London to Hamburg, this is one tour that you won’t want to miss.

After the initial announcement, Zedd went on to release a little video on his socials. A teaser, of sorts of what we can expect. He confirmed that the Coachella production (which was amazing, by the way) is not going to be the same as on this tour. This is “the biggest change” that he’s ever made to his live shows. And the theme? Space. Zedd is taking us all to outer space!

Tickets are on sale now. You can pick them up here! This tour is one you won’t want to miss, so grab your tickets while they’re available!

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