Charly Bliss – Young Enough

Charly Bliss is back with their second album, Young Enough. It's an eleven track knock-out that leaves us emotionally charged and drained at the same time.

Brooklyn’s Charly Bliss have released their sophomore album today. An emotional and revelatory ode to being in your mid-20s Young Enough is everything we could ever ask for. Lead singer, Eva Hendricks‘ distinctive singing voice has only grown as time has gone on. And in this album, all of the songs have that certain kind of edge. The kind the comes from growing up.

The album opens with ‘Blown to Bits’. On the surface, according to Hendricks, the song is about the false missile crisis in Hawaii back in 2018.

“And I was just looking out and thinking about how sad it would be for the world to end and to lose all of the really small, really beautiful things that I like in the world.”

But on a different level, one detached from the artists, it feels like a different kind of explosion. A different kind of loss. Losing your sense of self, and being so lost in the darkness that you want to end it all. And finally giving up. I feel so tired, can’t believe this is it / It’s gonna break my heart to see it blown to bits.

‘Capacity’ is about giving too much of yourself to someone else. Giving away everything until there’s nothing left of you. It’s a very heavy and dark song that might not be universally relatable. But it sure hits home for some people. “I can barely keep myself afloat when I’m not saving you” it’s a trap that we fall into where it feels like we’re only worth something if we’re helping someone else. In typical fashion, the lyrics are in stark contrast to the rest of the song, which is actually quite upbeat.

‘Camera’ was written while Hendricks was on the phone with her bank one day. Her credit card was stolen by someone in California who tried to buy a camera. She goes through an entire philosophical debate about how maybe they were going to create beautiful art, and she stopped them. But she eventually reasons that that’s probably not the case.

The eponymous ‘Young Enough’ was made to fill up arenas. The echoing drums and the empty space where Hendricks floats in is jarring and beautiful. It packs a punch. A song about young love. All-consuming love. Dangerous love. Who am I if I don’t have you now? She put everything into this relationship, but they were so young, and now it’s just gone. This song is a knock–out. There are so many feelings, so much anger, so much hurt jammed into five minutes.

The album closes with ‘The Truth’. A not-so-slow descent into madness. We’re spiraling, everything is spiraling out of control. And this song just exudes anger. But not raging angsty drama. No, it’s a resigned anger from being taken advantage of. Being fed up. I’m alive but I’m dead inside / Burying my face against the wall / Silent scathing smile. This is what it means to get pushed to the limits.

This entire album is so well done. There are a million feelings that run through you while listening to it. In the span of eleven songs, we span the universe of emotions. Love, hate, confusion, getting old, being too young, anger, sadness, our world is imploding and exploding all at the same time.

Charly Bliss has a masterpiece on their hands, and they’ll just keep going up from here.

Stream Young Enough below.

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