Madeon – All My Friends

The day has finally come. Madeon has released a new single, marking the beginning of his new era, The Good Faith Era. This new single, ‘All My Friends’ was well worth the wait.

On first listen, it definitely feels different. A departure from Adventure which is a good thing. Time has passed, and he’s grown, we all expect it to be different. And just because it isn’t the same, doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, the song has more of a pop influence, and it’s a sound that really works. There are still those very Madeon-esque chords, and sounds when you listen closely.

This new sound really suits him. This song feels so upbeat and uplifting. The Summer anthem, as many fans are already calling it. But, like everything that Hugo does, this song is very complex and layered.

Where it really shines is with his vocals and the lyrics. And if you were uncertain, that is him singing, he confirmed it in the description of the YouTube video. And though there are obviously a lot of effects layered over the vocals, it’s clear that he has improved over the years.

But the lyrics. Oh, the lyrics. They’re very deep, and they exist in stark contrast to the upbeat mood of the music. It feels like it’s telling the story of the last three years. When you’re a musician and you don’t release music, people talk. Even friends. The first half of this song is all of Hugo’s worries and insecurities. The acknowledgment that his friends and his fans are all watching him, waiting. Yeah I’ve been working overtime.

And the first half of the song very much feels reserved. Closed off. Nervous. He sounds sad. Can you make me care? This hasn’t been an easy time for him. There were a lot of expectations for him and this song.

But as the song goes on, it really opens up. The chorus just feels more positive. This seems like the moment that he got his groove back and began to believe in this new era. Suddenly, all his friends talking and watching was a good thing. They were cheering him on. I’m a believer.

As the song comes to a close, you can feel his pure joy. All of the struggles of the past few years have been worth it. It’s getting brighter all the time. And it’s going to just keep going up from here.

This is just the beginning of the Good Faith Era, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Stream ‘All My Friends’ below.

One thought on “Madeon – All My Friends

  1. What a beautiful thank you to Madeon’s hard work! This review literally gave the song a hundred new levels for me to enjoy it as more than just another song.


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