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Virtual Self will be Opening Second Sky Festival

Porter Robinson announced that his side project, Virtual Self, will be opening up Second Sky Festival. He hopes to encourage people to come early to support all of the acts.

Porter Robinson is full of surprises. With week and some change to go before his highly anticipated Second Sky Festival, we thought we knew all there was to know. But they dropped the amazing news that Porter’s other self, his Virtual Self, will actually be opening the festival.

That’s right. His mysterious and lore-heavy side project that he usually keeps separate from his eponymous music, will also be at the festival. And the reason for it? Well it might just be the most Porter Robinson thing you’ll ever hear.

“The idea behind having Virtual Self open Second Sky,” Porter said in a tweet, “is to encourage people to arrive early & watch all the other acts that i love!” Not only does he create an entire festival to showcase his favorite artists, he chooses to open said festival so that people will come watch! It’s very wholesome.

Now, it won’t be the usual production-heavy Virtual Self show, of course. For one thing, it’ll be in broad California daylight. And for another, Porter wants the focus to be on his friends, not on Virtual Self. He said in a follow-up tweet that “it’ll be a video-heavy dj set and probably around 30~ minutes to give full time to the other artists”

Honestly any Virtual Self is welcome Virtual Self.

Doors to the festival open at noon on both days, so get there early so you don’t miss out.

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