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Madeon Hosted Live Instagram “Campfire Sing-Along”

Last night, Madeon hosted an Instagram livestream so that he didn't have to be alone during a power outage. It was a wholesome stream, that also served to plug Porter Robinson's charity.

Last night, Madeon’s power went out. He passed the time by livestreaming on Instagram while a candle flickered next to him. Unfortunately, I missed the beginning of the stream, but I caught the last hour or so, and it was one of the most wholesome hours of my life.

“Shout out to the candle, it’s making the world a little bit brighter right now. It’s my sun right now. Reminding me that there’s hope out there.”

Before he lost power, Hugo was recording some vocals. He was so surprised and frightened when the lights went out that he screamed. Unfortunately, that candid moment was lost forever, but at least we have our imaginations.

“I don’t plan on doing any more streams. I’m just doing it now because I have nothing else to do, and I’m afraid of the dark.” Though he mentioned he didn’t want to be alone, he never expected there to be over 1000 people watching him. “I expected there to be like five of you,” he said at one point.

Not wanting this significant amount of people to go to waste, he chose to use the moment as Public Service Announcement, and plug Porter Robinson’s post about the Robinson Malawi Fund. “Go read Porter’s post, it’s much more interesting than what’s going on here.” While we very much appreciate the sentiment, and Porter’s cause is extremely important, Hugo’s live stream was also very interesting and entertaining.

He answered fan questions for awhile. Notable ones included “What is your favorite jacket?” The answer to that is the red one that he wore at Coachella during the Shelter tour. He revealed that he’s only worn it that one time. Because it “has such an intense memory associated with it. It’s like my wedding gown. I look at it, but I never wear it.”

Someone also asked about the vocal processing on ‘All My Friends’ and ‘Shelter’. His cheeky reply was “There is no vocal processing. I just sound like that, I swear. I turn on the mic and bam!” Leave it to Hugo to keep it silly while being scared.

But he then proved that statement false when he grabbed an acoustic guitar and played his songs for us. He said it was a “campfire sing-along”. His guitar was out of tune and he couldn’t remember most of the words to his songs, but that didn’t matter. It was such a precious and special moment.

He started with acoustic ‘All My Friends’, then sang snippets on quite a few songs. ‘Shelter’, ‘Beings’, ‘La Lune’, you get the picture. When someone asked him to sing ‘City‘ he mentioned that he recently rewrote the lyrics, so maybe he would sing those someday. We can only hope.

The livestream was bound to end eventually. It was either going to be his phone dying, the candle burning out, or his power coming back on. It happened to be the third. Luckily, he didn’t have to be alone in the dark any longer.

The stream is now over and gone. But it was such a warm and cozy time. And the PSA is still valid: Go check out Porter’s post about the Robinson Malawi Fund, and donate if you can.

Image Courtesy of…myself who cannot draw very well 🙂

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