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Madeon Announces Good Faith Live Tour

Madeon has announced a Good Faith Live Tour for this fall. With a short run in Europe and a huge North American Tour, there's plenty of Good Faith to go around.

Just days after his energetic “Good Faith DJ Set” at Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Festival, Madeon broke his collective fanbase by announcing his official “Good Faith Live Tour”.

The tour begins on September 25th with a short European run. If you’re in London, Paris and Amsterdam, you’re in luck! After that, he moves onto a North American tour.

Running from October 30th to December 14th, Hugo will travel from Vancouver BC to Austin, Texas and everywhere in between.

This show is an entirely new live show. And it will be premiered at Lollapalooza. It’s a show that he’s been wanting to make for years. “I even built a scale model of the stage in my home to test visuals on…” he said in the announcement email.

This tour also means that Album Two isn’t far off. We’ve already been given the first taste of the Good Faith Era with ‘All My Friends’. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get more.

Register for presale access here. And we’ll see you there!

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