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Madeon Announces Mysterious Good Faith Project

Madeon has announced a special Good Faith Era project that calls upon fan submissions. It's anyone's guess what his plans are.

Sometime tonight, Madeon’s site GoodFaith.World was updated with a logo. Click on that logo, and you’re brought to There, Hugo talks about some sort of special project that he’s doing for the Good Faith Era. And he calls upon different submissions from fans.

“I’m working on something special i’d like you to be involved with,” the site says. “You can contribute in a few different ways.”

He then goes on to describe the ways that you can get involved. Most of them are very straightforward. A remix of ‘All My Friends’. Fanart. Music that you’ve made yourself. And a question for Hugo.

But one stands out. “Special Song” The prompt reads: Do you have a song (not one of mine!) you really love and have a special story with ? Something you really cherish. Could be any genre, well-known or not. Please accompany it with either a short voice memo talking about what it means to you (maybe the time when you first heard it, or why it’s so special to you) or a written short paragraph.

Each prompt is followed by a specific email address. He says that you’re allowed to submit multiple items, but in separate emails.

What Hugo plans to do with these submissions is anyone’s guess, but it’s a very fun way to get involved while we wait for the tour. There’s no end date yet, but it’s probably better to submit sooner than later.

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