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Madeon Announces Good Faith Radio

Madeon announced that he will be premiering his newest single on his new Good Faith Radio show. Tune in this Wednesday at 11 AM on Beats 1!

The Good Faith Era is the gift that keeps on giving, as Madeon reveals more and more. He announced today that he will be premiering his newest single, ‘Dream Dream Dream’ (the Madeon Discord fans called that one) this Wednesday. But that’s not all. He announced that it will be premiered on Good Faith Radio, his new radio show.

The show will begin at 11 AM PST on Wednesday, July 10th. It is hosted on Beats 1, which is free (thankfully!).

And this isn’t just a platform for Madeon to premiere his new single. This also will tie into the Good Faith Project that he announced the other day.

In a tweet, he stated “It’s a space I want us to share, I want to introduce you to my favorite things and showcase some of the amazing music and art you create.”

It stands to reason that he will also be answering the fan questions, as well as reading the “Special Song” submissions.

This is so exciting and a great way for Madeon to give back to his fans. There are also some theories that he will be announcing the album release date, so definitely be sure to listen in, if you can.

This is so exciting and we can’t wait to see what the Good Faith Era brings next.

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