Madeon – Dream Dream Dream

Madeon has released his second single of the Good Faith Era. 'Dream Dream Dream' is without a doubt, the most beautiful song he's ever released.

The second song of Madeon’s Good Faith Era has finally been released, and it’s absolutely stunning. ‘Dream Dream Dream’ is one of the most important songs that have ever been created. And it’s certainly one of the best that Hugo’s ever released. His first single, ‘All My Friends’ blew me away, but ‘Dreamx3’ is on a whole new level.

It opens up in a typical Madeon way, with clever and well crafted vocal chops. It’s what he’s known for. But immediately, our expectations are subverted. The vocals are from a choir. From the first second, this song feels like Heaven.

As it builds, and as the drums and the synths are added, it feels like we’re going on a journey. We’re climbing and climbing. By the time the vocals come in, we’re well on our way up this mountain. It’s a beautiful climb, but we’re very lost in our own mind. Nothing is true. Anymore.

Once we begin to feel the weight of our dreams, we’ve reached the summit. But our eyes are closed. Arms stretched out to either side, as the wind whips our hair. The music swells and our eyes open. Everything is going to be alright. The weight of our dreams is a comfortable burden to bear. Your heart can heal the pain.

This song is about being terrified of our passions and of the future, then coming to terms with it. Of being proud of what we’ve achieved. Of feeling joy in creating and living. But acknowledging that it’s hard and you have to work for it.

And that’s why it’s so important. These are feelings that everyone has felt. But often we stop at the beginning. We stop at the fear. We’re overwhelmed by the weight. There’s no experiencing that joy of the release. Getting to experience the process of getting to that other side through Madeon may allow people to eventually get there themselves. To realize that the fight for your dreams is worth it.

Madeon spoke in his radio show, Good Faith Radio, about one of the songs he played feeling like ‘sunshine’. Dreamx3 has a feeling too. It feels like the future. Like freedom. I’m finally recovered.

Hugo has truly outdone himself with this song. It makes you want to grin and cry at the same time. And lyrics…the repetition of I feel the weight of my dreams just drives it home. And it’s powerful.

If these two singles are anything to go off of, Good Faith is going to beyond comprehension. And it is without a doubt the most genuine side of Madeon we have ever seen.

Please listen to ‘Dream Dream Dream’ you owe it to yourself to experience to this beauty.

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