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Madeon @ Good Faith Live [Showbox SoDo and Roseland Theatre]

Madeon's Good Faith Live tour is finally here. It's a beautiful show that is well worth all of the waiting.

An experience that’s been years in the making, Madeon is finally touring his Good Faith Live show. In one word: Wow. I was lucky enough to see him in both Seattle and Portland and they were some of the best shows that I’ve ever been to.

It’s extremely clear from the first second to the last, just how much work and care that Madeon has put into this show. Each moment blends perfectly into the next, both in terms of the songs and the visuals. We’re being told a story here. There’s been a story the entire time, just as long as we were paying attention.

There were songs from both the new album, as well as new versions of our favorites from Adventure. Getting to experience the blend of the old and new was really special. One of the best examples of this was at the very beginning with ‘Pay No Mind’. It was very smart of Hugo to ease everyone in with something that they already knew, while at the same time, showing how the songs, and his sound, have evolved.

Another thing that has evolved is his singing ability. The three Good Faith singles that we’ve received so far (‘All My Friends’, ‘Dream Dream Dream’ and ‘Be Fine’) all feature his vocals. Then, of course, there’s ‘Shelter’ and a few from Adventure, like ‘Beings’. His singing has improved drastically over the years. He has gained so much more confidence in his voice, and it’s really wonderful to hear.

Now onto the new songs. The songs we haven’t really heard yet, but will be hearing very soon. They did not disappoint. Personally, ever since New Year’s Eve, at the Brownies and Lemonade show, I’ve been obsessed with that beautiful ID that he teased us with. It’s thought to be the song ‘Mania’ on the album, which is great. Getting to hear it with the visuals was what I wanted coming into the show. That was definitely a standout moment for me, but I knew it was coming. I have a similar feeling towards ‘Miracle‘ and ‘No Fear No More’. Two songs that I had already heard during Lollapalooza, but ones that I was so happy to experience live.

But the one song that I was not prepared for, and the one that has thus far been a fan favorite, at least with the people that I’ve talked with, is ‘Heavy With Hoping’. There are few words to describe ‘Heavy With Hoping’. A tender, and tragic love song. A moment of pure emotion. One that leaves us with one huge question: who is the vocalist?! That song knocked me off my feet with its beauty, and I still haven’t recovered.

There has been so much joy surrounding Good Faith Live. Whether it’s from fans or from Hugo himself. It’s just been such a beautiful start to a new era. And what these two shows that I got to see really proved was just how worth the wait everything has been. Every agonizing moment hungering for new music, or for him to just do something was all building up to this (and the album that’s coming out next week). And it was worth it.

If you have the chance to go see Good Faith Live, please do yourself a favor and do it. You will not regret a single second.

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