Madeon – Be Fine

The third single of Madeon's Good Faith Era, 'Be Fine', is an intensely personal reassurance that everything will eventually be okay.

The third single of Madeon’s Good Faith Era, ‘Be Fine’ is just as beautiful as the previous two. A song that feels like a mantra, a reassurance. Whether that’s to us, the listeners, or to himself, it’s impossible to say. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? He will be fine. We all will.

‘Be Fine’ was introduced during Episode Three of Good Faith Radio. It features the choir that we fell in love with in ‘Dream Dream Dream’. As well as vocals once again from Madeon, which is a continuing theme of the album, as we know it so far.

On GFR, he talked about how this song is about joy, which seems to be the overarching feeling of the album. But he also mentioned that this song in particular, shows a dark side of joy. That it can be found from the wrong places.

This alludes to mental health and depression, something that Hugo addressed on Twitter the other day. “It felt wrong finishing and releasing music celebrating joy when I couldn’t feel that joy at all anymore.”

Don’t tell me that I might / I will be fine again
The struggle to pull yourself out of a dark place, through whatever means necessary. Fake it til you make it. Tell yourself you’re going to be fine, even if you don’t believe it and eventually it will become true. And hopefully, it has become true for him.

The idea of Good Faith continues to grow and grow as we learn more about it. An album that is deeply personal to Hugo. A celebration of joy, both good and bad. The struggle to find oneself, and at the same time, the promise of being found.

‘Be Fine’ feels the most personal we’ve gotten yet, which seemed impossible after Dreamx3. But this third single feels like such a moment of humanity. An admission of needing help. Strength in weakness. The opening of the delicate piano followed directly by the choir reinforces that as well.

The album will hopefully be out soon, but until then, we’ve been given three beautiful singles to enjoy and understand. Each a glimpse into Madeon and who he truly is.

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