Porter Robinson Announces Second Album

It seems like just yesterday that Porter Robinson posted a teaser on Instagram with newly blonde hair. “IF THIS DOESNT MEAN NEW PORTER MUSIC IS IN THE WORKS THEN WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON” Well sure enough, new Porter music was in the works.

He took to social media today to announce that his eagerly anticipated sophomore album will be called Nuture and will come sometime this year. The announcement came with more excitement, the first single will be released tomorrow.

Yes, that’s right. Finally, after six years we will be getting new Porter Robinson music. The song is aptly named ‘Get Your Wish’. The teaser gave us a short taste full of gentle piano and the very Porter touch that we all know and love. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

We don’t know the exact date yet when Nuture will be released, but perhaps we will get our first taste of Nuture Live at Second Sky 2, later this year. No matter when it comes, we’re all ready for it.

The new era of Porter is finally here.

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