Rezz – Taste of You

It's simple math, really, REZZ + Dove Cameron = An incredibly sexy new single.

Hypnotic. Eerie. Trippy. Mind-melting. All words that are synonymous with Canadian DJ, REZZ’s music. She has a signature feel that’s noticeable from the first beat of a song. You instantly know it’s REZZ. Her most recent song “Taste of You” is a stark, but welcome departure from her usual flair.

Make no mistake, this song is still extremely REZZ. The lyrics, while describing a sort of love border on the macabre. Which is a feeling that she has always managed to convey without words. But with words, it’s elevated. It’s so much more.

Where this song departs from her usual is that it feels more upbeat than creepy. The between the lines of the lyrics really do the talking. A lot of this is likely due to the featured vocalist, Dove Cameron. The former Disney Channel Star brings a sexiness to the song. These two are a powerful duo for sure.

What am I supposed to do, but sink my teeth in you? I starve without you on my lips, I die without the taste of it.
Sounds innocuous until you think about it. It could be a love song, but it’s not. Addiction. Obsession. I’ll-die-without-you. Very REZZ indeed.

This song is different in the best way possible, and it’s great to see her branching out, and it’s incredibly exciting to see what she’ll make next.

Stream ‘Taste of You’ below:

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