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Emma Blackery announces Girl In A Box album and tour

Almost three years after the release of her debut Villains, British singer-songwriter Emma Blackery has announced her upcoming second album Girl In A Box, along with a UK tour of the same name, just a week after the release of her single My Terms.

After three strong single releases ranging from bitter-sweet punk-pop tune Crying, the betrayal-laced Villains remnant Brutus and the aforementioned country twist My Terms, Emma has never failed to impress and the news is more than welcome. In the near decade since beginning to post her music online, Emma has never shied away from evolving and Girl In A Box already promises to demonstrate this further.

Taking to Twitter to explain more behind the album, Emma wrote that “every song was based around a theme: how it feels to be used.” Harkening back to Villains, which similarly centred around the wrongdoings of others around her, this album is much more of a refusal to be dragged down anymore. A powerful statement tied to what will be a powerful sophomore album.

The follow-up tour also comes as a welcome addition, slated for Manchester, London and Birmingham in February 2022 where she will be joined by fellow UK rock artist Bronnie.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Girl In A Box will definitely be an album to look out for.

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