Cowboy Nudes – Geese

Geese are back with a vengeance on the wild, unexpected, and raunchy "Cowboy Nudes."

Giddyup, y’all. Brooklyn five-piece Geese are back in the saddle. After several days of cryptic teasers on Instagram, NYC’s indie vanguard are officially kicking off the lead-up to LP2 with the often-twisty, always-thrilling “Cowboy Nudes.” The band wears the proud distinction of being featured as How Lucky Media’s Album of the Year in 2021’s Staffer’s Choice rundown. If debut album “Projector” is any indication of the immense talent of these upstart stalwarts, this first look into what their sophomore record holds is an outright revelation. It is hard to predict what sharp turns the track will take – snaking from a mellow outing gliding through the back roads of frontier asphalt to a punch-up moshpit of flailing limbs and heedless uninhibitedness. Last I spoke to bassist Dominic DiGesu with regards to what music he was addicted to, he emphatically mentioned Black Midi. Much of their influence can be seen on full display here, sonically. In just under three minutes, lead singer Cameron Winter et al yanks the listener in several directions, yet always provide a head-thumping good time. The opening moments feature contemplative finger-picked guitar with Winter remarking “I wish that the end/Would’ve come a little sooner/We’ve been looking for a chance to be warm/Honey, kick off your pants/We’re living in the future/We don’t need to do the dance anymore.” An established love that has weathered many trials, and has settled into a peaceful routine, not unlike the couple trailing down the open road in the music video.

However, every steady relationship needs to spice things up every now and again. The bonny pair soon notice that the captive in their trunk has fled, and they pursue him on foot. While the two may be part of a well-recognized band, in their spare time, they operate a kink studio that specializes in – well, what else? That’s right, cowboy nudes. And while that narrative may not necessarily be the throughline of the lyrics that Winter imparts, all the emotion and thrill remain. On undoubtedly one of their catchiest hooks yet, Cam belts out “Be my warrior! My love and light!” Upon reaching the bridge, he cautions the audience: “Look out, baby!” What unfolds next is a veritable maelstrom of instrumentation and reckless abandon. This part of the song is guaranteed to warrant many a bloodied nose at their live shows. It’s manic, frantic, anxious, joyous, and celebratory all at once. Drummer Max Bassin absolutely goes to town on the bongos, adding yet another form of whirlwind percussion to his impressive repertoire. The dueling guitars of local prodigy Foster Hudson and band namesake Gus Green round out the madcap jam session. Winter bellows a rallying war cry for his beloved city before falling in love with a tumbleweed, as all city-slickin’ cowboys are known to do. “We’ll be grooving on under the street,” he adds before launching into spastic, exorcistic fits of pure onomatopoeia – chikki chikki chaaaaaa, chikki chikki chaaaaa. One final jam session ushers the outro and the cows home, as Cameron unleashes his most scathing Casablancas-esque scowl. A front-to-back barn burner, and a sizzling, searing rib eye at the bountiful banquet that is the 2023 album lineup. Just a taste, and you’ll be sure to come back for more. The outfit of five are slated to make their big NYC return February 24th and 25th at the sold out show at Mercury Lounge. Be sure to check out the music video below.

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