I Finally Do – Erika Harlacher

There are some songs that you hear and immediately just feel an intense feeling of warmth and comfort. That is exactly how it feels to listen to I Finally Do by Erika Harlacher-Stone. It’s the absolutely perfect love story.

From the very first second, you’re drawn in with simple instrumentals and gentle vocals. And when Erika’s vocals come in, they’re so full of joy and love. Her voice sounds like a smile. Like love. You can tell that the person she’s singing this to means the entire universe.

The entire song feels like walking down the aisle. The slow procession towards The One you love. Each step is a literal walk down memory lane as our narrator recounts her love story. With the smile and laughter in her voice, it’s not hard to imagine the actual smile on her face as continues. It’s the sort of song that feels bathed in a golden warmth.

It’s a song full of metaphor as well, comparing the relationship to a TV show, the pilot, six seasons down, a spin-off show. It’s the perfect description for someone who is a voice actor by trade. It’s clever, it’s cute.

But I think the best part is the climax of the song. The moment where she talks about the wind ripping the doors off their hinges. Things aren’t perfect, there are bumps along the road to happiness. But they’re a team and can weather anything thrown at them. Concluding these storms into being some “dirty dishes” is such a succinct and beautiful way of putting it. Yes the bad moments may stack up in the sink sometimes, but they can always be washed. They won’t stay that way forever.

This is such a sweet, feel-good song. It is so full of love that even someone who has never been in love before can understand. They can feel it. And it feels pretty great.

Take a listen to I Finally Do and feel some of the love below.

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