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Madeon is Back! Lollapalooza Set Confirmed to be a New Show

Madeon will be playing an entirely new show at Lollapalooza this August. That means that we are closer than ever to album 2!

Fans of Madeon were already excited enough when he was announced to play a DJ set at Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Festival. Then they were made even more excited when he was revealed on the Lollapalooza Lineup yesterday. Everyone assumed that it would be a DJ set, like Second Sky.

But no. It’s so much better than that. Madeon tweeted today that the Lolla set would be a Live show. Okay! Adventure Live, how exciting. When was the last time we saw Madeon play a live show?

But no.

After a fan tweeted for some clarification, Hugo dropped the biggest bomb we’ve gotten since the interview with the Pixel Empire Podcast. Lollapalooza is going to be an entirely new show.

That’s right. New Madeon. Finally. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. This also means that there’s a very good chance that his Second Sky DJ set will contain a new song, or at least some new IDs as well. That’s exciting for everyone who managed to get a ticket before they sold out.

But whether you can go to either of these festivals or not, this means that new Madeon is coming sooner than later.


The photo used in this article belongs to Madeon and .CHIVTEAM. Found here.

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