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Two Musicians from Long Island are Working to Help Local Bands

Two musicians from Long Island, Irisa and Brianna, know how hard it is to start a band. They started an Instagram to help their fellow artists connect and find each other.

Starting a band is hard. Sometimes it feels like it can be impossible to find the members that share the same goals and work ethics if you can even find the members at all. No one knows this better than two musicians from Long Island, New York.

Irisa and Brianna tried for years to start a band in their little corner of New York. And for a while, it seemed like they had something going. Their band Sure As Spring felt like it was going somewhere…until it wasn’t.

But they turned the death of their band into something positive. They both know the difficulties and the hardships of posting ads. Instagram, Craigslist, Facebook, in person, they did it all. Hell, they even tried Tinder at one point. And it sadly didn’t work out. So they took inspiration from the Instagram account WeFormedABand and created their own directory of sorts.

BandTogether_Li is a place for Long Island and New York City musicians to place their wanted ads. It puts everything in one place, to hopefully make it easier for people to find each other. And they’ve already inspired two musicians in San Francisco to do the same. Within an hour after creating the account, BandTogether_SF was born.

Irisa and Brianna are starting a revolution. A network of banding together and making music in this crazy world of social media that we live in. And it’s really exciting to see. Who knows, maybe soon we’ll see BandTogether accounts for many more cities. We hope so.

So if you’re looking to bandtogether with someone, or you have an ad to place, check out these Instagram accounts. And if you’re in a city that you feel could benefit from something like this, consider starting your own. You never know who you may end up helping.

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