Cheat Codes ft. Kaskade – Be The One

The electronic trio, Cheat Codes, has released a new single with Kaskade. 'Be The One' is a deceptively upbeat love song, that crosses the borders of obsession.

Los Angeles electronic trio, Cheat Codes, has teamed up with electronic legend Kaskade on a new song called ‘Be The One’. This track was premiered during Miami Music Week, but for those of us who were not lucky enough to be there, it is now available to stream and enjoy.

On the surface, this song feels extremely upbeat and full of love. It’s all about someone talking about the object of their desire. Innocent proclamations of wanting to be their one. The opening synths even have this joyful, cheery sound.

But there’s just something about it. An underlying tone in the beginning and throughout that just seems off. An intentional off. But still there. Like it’s corrupted. It’s furthered with the distortion in the vocals. It turns this love song into an obsession track. The singer is obsessed with their object of desire. As the song goes on, it spirals more and more out of control. I want to be the one that makes you feel alive.

It’s clever because it truly does seem upbeat at first. But there’s just that feeling you can’t shake that there’s more to this song than it seems.

Listen to ‘Be The One’ down below.

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