Lizz Kim – FreeFall

Opera singer-turned-DJ, Lizz Kim, has released a dreamy new single 'FreeFall'. There is a lot going on with this song that you don't pick up on right away.

What do you get when an opera singer turns into a music producer? You get Lizz Kim, an extraordinarily talented musician from LA. She has just released a new single ‘FreeFall’ into the world. It’s a dreamy, delightful pop song. The simple opening beats mixed in with the snaps create an invitation. A feeling of closing your eyes and smiling. It’s a gentle opening.

The song feels like a daydream. Like we’re floating above the clouds. There’s nothing too heavy in this song to keep us grounded. The vocals and the instrumentals are all very airy, which just adds to the feeling.

There is one part, during the second verse where we’re almost snapped back to reality. A moment that lets us in on the secret that perhaps not everything is as it seems with this song. You build me back up from the damage done…

But as soon as it transitions back into the chorus, we’re back in the clouds, the moment is gone. It’s a very layered song. There’s definitely a lot to unpack, and Lizz does a wonderful job of showcasing that. Everything in this song is deliberate and intentional, but without being too overdone or obvious.

Listen to ‘FreeFall’ below.

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