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Perfume @ Paramount Theatre

Japanese Electro-Pop trio, Perfume, are currently on their 4th World Tour. They're touring in support of their latest album, Future Pop. We caught them when they were in Seattle.

There are few acts out there that have the same level of chemistry as Perfume. The Japanese trio have been together for nearly two decades, and it shows. They move in perfect well-choreographed synchronicity. They’re currently on tour in support of their sixth album Future Pop. We were fortunate enough to see them at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle.

The opening was the special intro that flashed through their entire discography. It segued into their first song, ‘Future Pop’. Everything about the show was immediately captivating. The lights, the screens, their outfits…it was breath-taking. They danced and glided across the stage, moving together as one unit.

They played through a few songs before stopping to address the crowd. They spoke carefully in English, expressing how excited they were to be here. This moment with the crowd showed how close they are to each other. There was playful banter between the three. Nocchi, at one point, teasing Kashiyuka for brushing her hair.

After each gave their little introduction, they mentioned how they wanted to talk to us more. They found a member of the audience who was fluent in both Japanese and English and had him interpret. Able to speak more easily, A-Chan launched into a story about a statue that they saw in a Whole Foods in Seattle. The statue was strange to them. But then they were told that it was created by a Japanese man. This inspired them and made them feel less alone.

The moments that they spoke to the crowd felt really intimate. Everything that they were saying was just so genuine. It was a bit of a shame that they didn’t occur more naturally throughout the set. It was chunks of talking in between a stretch of songs.

While the focus of the setlist was mostly on Future Pop songs, there were plenty of old songs, including the fan-favorite ‘Chocolate Disco’.

They closed the concert with a very impassioned speech about how they will continue to create music. Continue to inspire us, the listeners. And just continue going upwards. The final song was Mugen Mirai, which was the perfect ending. That song hits all the right notes.

Perfume are a band that you have to experience live. They’re so special. Even after all this time, they still have more to give us.

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