Kero Kero Bonito – The Sonara Stage [Coachella]

A flamingo. A frog. A fake phone. This is only some of what British Indie Pop band, Kero Kero Bonito gave us at Coachella this weekend. Playing on the secluded Sonara Stage, this band filled up the entire room with their infectious energy.

It was one of those shows where you physically could not stop smiling. And it wasn’t just due to lead singer, Sarah Bonito’s, singing and dancing either. All of the members of the band contributed to the good vibes.

The show was playful in the most genuine way possible. They were feeding off of us and of each other, and in turn, we were feeding off of them.

There were props too. Before launching into the iconic ‘Flamingo’, Sarah grabbed a plush flamingo off the stage and waved him around. He became part of the song. Similarly, there was a stuffed frog that she kept on her head for a song.

During their song ‘Break’ there’s a part where a phone rings and Sarah leaves Gus and Jamie a voicemail. It’s one of those moments that seem like a fun addition during the recording, not something they would actually do live. But they did. Fake phone and all.

This set hit all of the right notes and is a definite contender for best set of the weekend.

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