Blake Rose – Best of Me

Australian singer/songwriter Blake Rose has released new single 'Best of Me'. This song is beautiful and tragic, all wrapped up neatly with Rose's beautiful vocals.

Sometimes there are songs that you hear that are just so raw and unbelievably real that they take your breath away. That’s how ‘Best of Me’ by Australian singer/songwriter Blake Rose feels. This song tells an all too familiar, all too tragic story.

Wanting and trying to help someone close to us, but not being able to. Either because they’re beyond help, or because they simply aren’t able to. The feeling of destroying ourselves for the sake of others.

But I can’t even count on my hands how many times that you’ve said/The same old shit then 2 weeks on you’re fucking gone again/So I say I believe you but I know I can’t know I can’t

It’s hard to stomach. The reason why this song is so hard-hitting is because of the way Blake sings it. His voice is so wonderful. But by bringing such a beauty to such a devastating topic, it makes it hurt more. You can just feel that he means what he’s singing.

This song, more than anything, is a promise that no matter what, he’ll stop fighting for the person who matters. Even though it hurts. And it definitely hurts.

No I’ll never walk away

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