Christine and the Queens – The Outdoor Theatre [Coachella]

Christine and the Queens put on the show of a lifetime on the second day of Coachella. Feeling more like a theatre performance than a concert, we still can't get over it.

When I introduced myself here last time, I said I was tiny. French. And angry. Well, I’m still tiny. And I’m still French. But I’m just horny now.

This is Chris of Christine and the Queens. Unabashedly proud to be herself and here to make a statement.

And boy did she make one. This felt less like a concert, and more like a theatre performance. The stage with the props. The dancers, and their interactions both with her and each other. It all told a story. A story about fighting against all odds to just be.

Even her moments between songs, talking with the crowd felt like little asides. Breaks in the performance to let us, the audience in on the story.

The turning point in the show was the raw, emotional cover of ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie. This stripped back all of the production. There were no dancers, barely any instruments supporting her. It was just Chris and us. This was a moment of vulnerability. After fighting with her dancers the whole show, here she is. Stripped back and exposed.

There was another standout moment. One that was quite literally breathtaking. The entire stage and field filled with smoke. We could barely see anything. Finally, the smoke cleared enough for us to see that it was just Chris and one other dancer. They had an almost violent back and forth. Pushing. Grabbing. Pulling. She embraces him and he begins to smoke. He stands there in shock as he slowly dissolves. He runs off stage, and she runs after him. The audience is left alone to process this moment.

This performance will go down as one of the most amazing. There was so much care put into every movement, every touch, every glance. It urges us to think deeper. To think about what’s going on beyond the music.


Photo Courtesy of Coachella and used with permission

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