DEE MASH〽 & Zack Marshall – io

DEE MASH〽 is back with a new track 'io'. This song is a battle cry. A rally that really gets our blood pumping!

Chicago producer, DEE MASH〽 has teamed up with Zack Marshall for a brand new track, ‘io’. A powerful song from the very first note. There is so much empty space in the beginning that just draws you in. It’s intriguing. But as it goes on, and it gets heavier and heavier, we soon realize there’s no escape.

This song was made to fill up arenas. Both literal and figurative. In a way, this song is an all-out war. A battle song.

It’s hard not to imagine it during the climax of a huge fight scene, either on film or in a video game. In the intro, as everything is just starting to get going, that’s where the protagonist walks out onto the battlefield. The fog begins to clear, and as soon as the beat and the synths kick in, that’s where the battle starts.

DEE MASH〽 has a real talent for this sort of thing. His music transports you places. Whether it be to a ‘City of Dreams’ or somewhere almost otherworldly like with this song.

He clearly has so much to offer the world, and it’s so exciting to see where he’ll take us next.

Stream ‘io’ down below.

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