Cloe Wilder – Overthinking

Cloe Wilder has released a stunning song 'Overthinking'. One that perfectly replicates the feeling of being overwhelmed with thoughts and anxieties.

‘Overthinking’ by up-and-coming singer/songwriter, Cloe Wilder is, in one word: phenomenal. It isn’t often that there is a song that so perfectly utilizes sound and emotion. This song accurately creates the feeling of overthinking and of the anxiety that surrounds it.

The slow build of the intro is like a slow buildup of thoughts. When Cloe’s beautiful vocals come in clearly, the way her words also pick up speed further progress this feeling. It’s like we’re starting fine, but more and more thoughts come until we’re overwhelmed with the chorus.

It’s very clever, and it definitely illustrates what she’s singing about. If you only know what I’m going through… We might not know, but we can feel it. At least in a way that causes us to refer back to our own experiences.

That’s not an easy thing to do. And she seems to do it so effortlessly.

Her singing and songwriting are impeccable. Her voice is beautiful, and her song makes you both think and feel a lot.

Keep an eye out for her, because whatever she releases next, it’s guaranteed to be stellar.

Listen to ‘Overthinking’ below.

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