Alyssa Joseph – Leaning

Alyssa Joseph's single 'Leaning' is the sad girl anthem of the summer. Full of beautiful vocals and relatable lyrics, it's a song you can't miss.

But Mama says I’ve got to do things for myself sometimes…

Sometimes there is a moment in a song that just jumps out at you. Commands your attention. And consumes your mind. That lyric up there is one of those moments. And Alyssa Joseph is one of those singers that seems to very very good at creating them. Her newest single ‘Leaning’ is a song that sticks with you.

With 100%, unadulterated sad-girl vibes, this song takes you on a rollercoaster. In the span of the song, we’re led to feel a lot of different things. Regret, resignation, anger, acceptance. It’s the spectrum of human emotion. And it’s so very, very real.

It really tells a story of just living. So we just get drunk and make-believe our lives don’t suck. These are feelings that every single one of us can relate to, but don’t have the method, or the voice, or even the courage to say out loud.

But Alyssa does, so she’ll do it for us, with her somehow simultaneously gorgeous and raw vocals. Seriously, this girl knows how to sing, and she makes sure that we all know it as well.

‘Leaning’ is a song that draws you in, and once it’s done, you find yourself nodding, agreeing with everything that’s been sung. We’ve all been there.

You can stream the song below. And if you happen to live in Philly, you can catch Alyssa at Imaginary Clouds Collective on July 13th.

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