Lisa Danaë – 1445

Lisa Danaë is back with a beautiful and emotional ballad '1445'. It's a song that details a very difficult time in her life, and how she pulled herself out of it.

Life is not always easy. Or fun. Or glamorous. But those dark moments can give rise to something beautiful. And that’s what’s happened with the latest single from Lisa Danaë. ‘1445’ is a deeply personal song. A reflection on a difficult time in her life.

The song is the final single in her project, also called 1445. It’s a stunning ballad that really pulls you in. We feel what she went through, without it being blatantly told to us. It’s okay if my truth is showing. It is showing, and it’s beautiful.

With minimal instrumentals, Lisa’s voice really stands strong. The most striking moment is her last line when the piano falls away. It’s just her, truly showing how there’s no limit to what she can do. As she holds that note out and the song just fades to silence it gives you chills.

It’s powerful. And it’s raw. Pure emotion.

And it really illuminates her struggle, and how hard she fought to get out of it.

Lisa proves once again that she’s an artist that is very worth keeping an eye on. Her songs are honest and real. You can just feel that this is something that she’s lived through and overcome.

We can’t wait to find out what comes next. You can listen to ‘1445’ down below.

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