Hydrah – Paradigm Shift

Electronic artist and DJ, Hydrah, continues to amaze with her ability to transport listeners to different worlds. Her newest song 'Paradigm Shift' is a dark, heart-pounding departure from her previous work.

There are some artists whose music is instantly able to transport you someplace else. Within seconds you are no longer sitting on the bus, or walking to lunch, instead, you’re in a far off world, or even in a city that feels almost familiar. It’s a beautiful skill that makes the music that much more special. Electronic artist and DJ, Hydrah, excels at this.

Her newest song, ‘Paradigm Shift’, is a stark departure from her previous work. Though it still remains distinctly Hydrah, blending the organic with the electronic. The EP she released late last year, Nostos, was light, airy. A stunning journey home. But this new song, this is carnal, animalistic, yet it remains just as stunning as her other songs.

Dark and heavy beats make you feel like you’re in a deep, dark forest. As you dodge through the trees with each note of the piano, the beat plays in sync with your heart. You’re being chased.

The tempo picks up and up until you’re about ready to burst. At this point, the rhythmic beat is completely masked by the piano. A panic, like we’re lost, out of control, but then we find our center again. The beat is back.

It’s fitting that the song evokes this sort of feeling. Hydrah works a lot with nature sounds in her music. And especially fitting for this song in particular, she wrote it specifically for her upcoming performance at Nocturnal Wonderland. She wanted it to signify her transition from a live Electronica act to a DJ.

Hydrah will be performing on Saturday, September 14th on the mainstage (the Wolves’ Den Stage) at Nocturnal Wonderland. Tickets are on sale now. You definitely don’t want to miss hearing ‘Paradigm Shift’, and much more.

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