New New Girlfriend @ Anime Impulse ft Patrick Pedraza

Sometimes, there are just some concerts that are so highly anticipated, that feel so monumentally special that once they’re done, you just stand there, grinning from ear to ear. For me, that was New New Girlfriend’s show at Anime Impulse in San Diego. From the moment that I heard that they were playing, and that there would be a special guest drummer, I was counting down the days. Seeing this band live has been all I’ve wanted since I discovered them last year.

And they did play an acoustic show last week at a café. That show was wonderful, and it was an amazing first show back. But getting to see Griffin and Kylen up on a big stage was something else entirely.

Now, it’s no secret that I love this band. I am not shy about how much they mean to me. But I cannot understate how excited I was to see them up there. Their chemistry in their songs translates to the stage as well. The shared looks and smiles, and the in-between commentary is as flawless as their harmonies.

Though it wasn’t a full band show, and they were using acoustic guitars, they had the same electric energy as if they were playing a sold out show at Madison Square Garden. It was hype and it was so much fun. And we got to hear the song in a new and exciting way. Note: Acoustic Hidden slaps.

They gathered a nice size crowd of convention goers, many of whom knew that the band existed, but didn’t know anything about it. As the show went on, there were plenty of people dancing around, and it’s safe to say that they made a number of new (new) fans last night.

For the final four songs (Things that Go without saying, Cardigan, Let it Mend and Not Just Anyone) they invited a special guest drummer up on stage. Fellow voice actor, their New New DadFriend, Patrick Pedraza. The amount of hype this man brought to the stage cannot be understated. It was so much fun. It was a treat to get to see these three musicians collaborating . Hopefully they’ll get to play together again.

This is just the beginning of New New Girlfriend’s return to live shows. I personally cannot wait to see them play some more. Hopefully they’ll be playing in a city near you!

Until then, you can listen to their music on Spotify. Rumor has it, they even have a brand new song…

If you love New New Girlfriend like I do, consider checking out their Patreon to help them keep making new songs like this one. (I was not asked to include this, or compensated for doing so. I just really love their work and want them to succeed!)

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